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Easy Weddings has an expert advice

Did you know Easy Weddings has an expert advice section entirely dedicated to getting your questions answered by those who know best? Here’s just a taste of the many questions being asked daily by real brides and grooms across Australia. Here are your wedding transport questions answered by real industry experts!

Q: Which style of wedding car is more practical when it comes to transporting the wedding party?

“Classic or modern?”

A: by Classic Jags

“It’s really a personal preference as both are completely different. Classic cars probably offer more leg room and of course the photographers love them as they become a beautiful backdrop to your photos. It’s ultimately what you personally like and suits your theme.”

Q: How much should I expect to pay for a standard limo? (From QLD)

A: by Norma Jean’s Wedding Car Services

“Most wedding car services charge by the hour with a minimum of two hours. Most start around $295 per hour. Be sure to ask what inclusions there are too. We provide complimentary champagne on ice and quality chocolates for the bride and groom during your photos. A flat fee ensure that if you want to be fashionably ‘delayed’, or if the photographer wants that’s one last shot, you don’t have to watch the clock in case yet another hour ticks over onto the bill.”

Q: Will I be disappointed if I don’t hire a wedding car? I don’t know if I have room in my budget.

“Are there budget options?”

A: by Classic Jags

“As your wedding car plays a big part in your day, I think you would be disappointed as not only is it transport, it is a backdrop for your photos as photographers love to take car shots and create lasting memories. Your chauffeur is also very important looking after your every need on the day helping you get into and out of the car with your dress, serving drinks, and holding umbrellas if it’s a rainy day. We often get couples contacting us very close to their wedding day saying they thought they wouldn’t have cars or were using family cars which had pulled out at the last minuting and are desperate to book.”

Say in your wedding toast

You’ve been bestowed the honour of giving a toast at a wedding – cue the freakout! While standing up in front of a room full of people is not the idea of fun for a huge percentage of the population, it is a job given to a select few at a wedding, so it’s time to embrace the role.

Traditionally, toasts were the realm of the men, with the best man, a father (or both), and then the groom addressing guests. But now the bridesmaids, mothers and even brides are getting in on the action and there’s no right or wrong order in which they should be given – although it is nice for the newlyweds to have the last say.

If you have been asked to step up to the plate on the big day, it’s best to start giving some thought early on about what you might say, so that you can have time to think a bit outside the box, dig through that memory of yours to find some fond ones you can share and perhaps even throw in a practice run or two in front of the mirror… or your cats… to get a feel for how it will flow on the day.

The average wedding toast does for between three and five minutes, but if the couple have chosen quite a list of people to speak on the night, it’s best to keep it short and sweet.

Start by introducing yourself and your relationship with the couple. If you knew one before the other, you can weave in a story about how you met them and your first impressions when meeting their partner.

You can share your thoughts on how they seemed awkward at first, or how one had to work hard to win the other over, or even how they seemed to have an instant connection – but no matter how you choose to frame it, always keep it positive.

The next portion of a toast is usually dedicated to telling a story or two about the couple, or one of them. You can choose to be sentimental, inject some humour, or be serious (but not robotic-serious!!). Above all else, what you say needs to be appropriate to the occasion.

Toasts are generally wrapped by talking about the newlywed’s relationships and wishing them well for their future together.

Be yourself when speaking! Don’t try to be a comedian if you are not normally a joker and don’t spout mushy poetry if you normally can’t stomach the stuff. The couple chose you because you are you – they don’t expect you to put on a show!

Talking about yourself too much – this is a toast for the couple after all.

Keep your toast G-rated. While there may not be any children at the wedding, you don’t want to assault the ears of the couple’s grandparents!

Also avoid inside jokes and ‘you had to be there’ stories, because they will go right over the heads of the majority of the guests and any attempts at humour will be lost if you go down this path.

Be careful when using variations in your voice when telling a story that involves multiple characters, but don’t overdo it so it could seem like to you are mocking either of the newlyweds.

The average cost for wedding bomboniere

Bomboniere is a small gift given to wedding guests as a “thank you” for their attendance. So how much are Australian couples willing to fork out to send their guests home with a gift? What’s the average wedding bomboniere cost?

According to the Easy Weddings 2016 Annual Australian Wedding Survey, the average price couples are willing to spend on wedding bomboniere is $435.

When it comes to how much couples are willing to part with to send their guests home with a gift to say “Thank you”, the average price varies from state to state across Australia.

New South Wales couples take the cake for this one, forking out an average of $480 for their wedding bomboniere. Closely followed is Victorian couple at $470.

Northern Territory and Queensland couples are willing to put $380 and $350 respectively toward thanking their guests for their attendance.

Western Australian couples put an average of $320 toward bomboniere, while South Australian couples will spend an average of $310.

In this case, Australian Capital Territory couples are the most modest, only forking out an average of $300 for their wedding bomboniere.

40% of couples surveyed say they will purchase bomboniere, while 17% will not. 27% of couples will make their own bomboniere, while 7% will get a family member or friend to make them.

Popular bomboniere choices among couples include food items such as chocolate, cookies, or lollies, as well as homeware items such as candles or potted plants like succulents or cacti.

Brisbane celebrants with a twist

Now we’ve established who’s in the top 10 most popular marriage celebrants in Brisbane, QLD as ranked by their customer reviews on Easy Weddings, it’s time to give some love to the celebrants with fewer reviews but just as much sparkle. So without further ado and in no particular order, here are 6 Brisbane celebrants with something special, as selected by the editor (me) by how entertaining their storefronts are.


Roxy Hotten – Celebrant

With her warm, friendly personality, Roxy Hotten promises to create a modern, fun, and creative wedding ceremony to cherish for years to come! An ex-journalist, Roxy loves writing bespoke and memorable ceremonies and has experience officiating marriages since 2011. Roxy encourages you to check out her storefront to learn a little about her dog, her frocks, and her experience as a celebrant.

“We strongly recommend Roxy as a celebrant or officiator for an event. Roxy really cares about your day and takes the time to understand exactly what you’re looking for. Roxy helped make our day so much more special, personalised, and meaningful, and we can’t thank her enough.” – Hannah L.

Describing herself as young, energetic, and “generally wearing this century’s fashion”, Laura Kidd only draws the line at nude weddings! Aiming to never be part of a boring wedding Laura loves to help couples create unique, memorable ceremonies to cherish for a lifetime. Check out Laura Kidd’s hilarious storefront today, and find out why so many couples loved their experience with I Kidd You Knot.

“Laura is a funny, vibrant, and down to earth celebrant. Exactly what we were looking for in our wedding celebrant. Laura gave us free reign to write the ceremony we wanted, providing examples of various ceremony styles and lengths, and was highly supportive of all our ideas. She was on top of all the legal side of the marriage and guided us through the full process. On the day, Laura did a great job to deliver a genuine and heartfelt ceremony. Thank Laura for being an awesome part of our wedding.” – Monica J.

Hayley Belle confesses she’s obsessed with wedding planning on pinterest, even though she’s already had her wedding! With 12 years experience in radio, you can rest assured Hayley Bell is comfortable with public speaking and hosting, and won’t put on a strange voice when handed a microphone. Not your average celebrant, Hayley (full sleeve tattoo and all) loves people, and can’t wait to share your story with your dear family and friends at your wedding ceremony! “Coffee, tea, banana smoothie? Let’s meet up and discuss your needs and wishes,” Hayley says. “Whatever you drink, it’s on me.”

Wedding videography questions answered

Did you know Easy Weddings has an expert advice section entirely dedicated to getting your questions answered by those who know best? Here’s just a taste of the many questions being asked daily by real brides and grooms across Australia. Here are your wedding videography questions answered by real industry experts!


Q: I want to post my wedding video online but Facebook doesn’t let me due to the music copyright

“It is part of videographer’s contract that says they’ll be using music that isn’t rightfully theirs? I want to post my video for family and friends to see, and my video is basically useless if I can’t!”


A: by Whitedress Productions

“This is a great question and such an important issue to raise when looking for a professional videographer. As professional video makers, we at Whitedress Productions only use licensed music to produce our wedding highlight films. This way we and our couples can upload wedding highlight films onto any online platform for viewing and sharing. We also always encourage a pre-wedding consultation with our couples and explain how important music licensing is and how it applies to wedding films.”


Q: Why should I get a videographer if I’m already having a photographer?

“I’m on the fence about videography and need that extra push. Can you tell me why I should have both a photographer and a videographer at my wedding?”


A: Professional Photos & Video by EyeDropper Designs

“I think photography and video are both equally as important. Photography can capture your memories – whether they are posed or candid in nature. Your photographer will be able to capture your emotion and excitement at a split-second in time. You’ll be able to put your photos on the wall, in an album, and post online.

Video is amazing on a whole different level. It allows you to actually relive what happened on your day. Your guests will have to opportunity to leave special words for you, you can capture the magic in everyone’s eyes, or the tear that trickles down mum’s cheek as she helps you into your dress. Photography, of course, can capture this too, but it’s a frozen memory. Video will allow you to watch the moment take place and bring you back to that emotion.

And, videography is great for bloopers! Capturing the groom and groomsmen mucking around during their preparations can be a great laugh for the bride who otherwise wouldn’t be able to see what the guys go up to that day, and vice versa!”