Destinations for newlyweds

Whether you want a long or short honeymoon- a cruise has many luxury and affordable options with a huge variety of locations and lengths. Sit back, enjoy the pool, activities and delicious meals and take in the incredible surroundings.

This private island escape has honeymoon and even destination wedding packages- for just $1800! Which is insane! And there is just one resort on the island of Bokissa. You can have your own island!

These epic overwater huts are insane! Perfect for a 7-day escape post wedding. This package includes all meals and drinks- even alcohol. What’s more relaxing than being able to not worry about extra costs?

Enjoy the luxurious escape- spending time in Melbourne as a holidayer. Whether you’re from Melbourne or not- you have to appreciate its hustle and bustle and an incredible array of food and amazing coffee.

Describing herself as a creative, energetic, and fun celebrant, Jessie Cacchillo loves loved up couples, a vintage frock, and taking the time to create and deliver your dream wedding ceremony. With a background as an actor, artist, and stylist, Jessie understands how important it is to create a unique ceremony tailored to each and every couple. And yes, she did perform Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster’s wedding ceremony!

Here’s what Hamish and Zoe had to say about Jessie Cacchillo – Civil Marriage Celebrant:

“A celebrant who wasn’t a drongo or who used weddings as a chance to explore their frustrated musical theatre/stand up comedy talents. Found one in Jessie Cacchillo who was fantastic and fun and looked terrific in canary yellow on the day.”