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Did you know Easy Weddings has an expert advice section entirely dedicated to getting your questions answered by those who know best? Here’s just a taste of the many questions being asked daily by real brides and grooms across Australia. Here are your wedding transport questions answered by real industry experts!

Q: Which style of wedding car is more practical when it comes to transporting the wedding party?

“Classic or modern?”

A: by Classic Jags

“It’s really a personal preference as both are completely different. Classic cars probably offer more leg room and of course the photographers love them as they become a beautiful backdrop to your photos. It’s ultimately what you personally like and suits your theme.”

Q: How much should I expect to pay for a standard limo? (From QLD)

A: by Norma Jean’s Wedding Car Services

“Most wedding car services charge by the hour with a minimum of two hours. Most start around $295 per hour. Be sure to ask what inclusions there are too. We provide complimentary champagne on ice and quality chocolates for the bride and groom during your photos. A flat fee ensure that if you want to be fashionably ‘delayed’, or if the photographer wants that’s one last shot, you don’t have to watch the clock in case yet another hour ticks over onto the bill.”

Q: Will I be disappointed if I don’t hire a wedding car? I don’t know if I have room in my budget.

“Are there budget options?”

A: by Classic Jags

“As your wedding car plays a big part in your day, I think you would be disappointed as not only is it transport, it is a backdrop for your photos as photographers love to take car shots and create lasting memories. Your chauffeur is also very important looking after your every need on the day helping you get into and out of the car with your dress, serving drinks, and holding umbrellas if it’s a rainy day. We often get couples contacting us very close to their wedding day saying they thought they wouldn’t have cars or were using family cars which had pulled out at the last minuting and are desperate to book.”