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Payment Processing Services for Escort Merchant Accounts

You won’t easily access escort merchant account processing services like you would do with a normal/low-risk business. Fortunately, there are several high liability merchant service providers who will offer you an escort merchant account plus all the services you need to effectively run it.

The first step is to confirm— when doing your inquiries— with the company’s salesperson if they work with adult businesses, specifically Escort Companies. Then you can consider applying after verifying that a high-risk account service provider is willing to accept a merchant like you. Make sure to compare all the choices in the market and rate them using the following factors;


  • Price structures and rates— are they fair and favorable?
  • Cancellation terms— can you end the contract when you want to?
  • Reputation— what do people and reviewers say about them?
  • Resources— do they have what it takes to support you?
  • Service levels— will they give you everything you need to start ASAP!
  • Customer service— is it intensive and for how long?
  • Security— will they protect your business from open fraud?


Online application procedures usually last only a few minutes, after which the vendor should send you a copy of the terms of operation and a pricing structure both which they expect you to go through and sign electronically. Also prepare to hand in a couple of supporting documents like;


  • Your business’ latest (past 3 months) bank statements
  • A legal ID, like your driver’s license
  • Bank letter or Voided businesses check
  • Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number

At this time, you should have an operational website; most vendors treat this as a must-have requirement. After approval—which should last a day or two depending on the vendor— you can embark on processing payments. Well-prepared account issuers should take the responsibility of shipping to you all the processing material you need,  be there (and assist) when you put up a chargeback prevention software and fraud filters (for e-commerce).


The nature of the Escort Business makes it less-liked by normal payment processors, but qualified vendors will comfortably offer you their services.

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