Reasons To Date a Gardener

Gardens add so much to our daily lives—color, fragrance, spice, sustenance, and creative inspiration. Whether a tiny container garden or a vast plot of intricate designs, these spaces bring joy to those who pause to look and enjoy. Of course, it takes dedicated people to make gardens and orchards thrive . . . and the qualities these people possess with plant-life translate well to romantic relationships.


Here’s why:

1: They’re patient.

They know that the best things in life take time. Gardeners understand you can’t force fruit to ripen or a tulip to pop out of the ground. Likewise, they know you can’t rush a relationship into reaching its full potential.


2: They appreciate beauty.

Gardeners are committed to creating something beautiful. They invest their time and talents in developing something amazing from scratch. Sounds like what happens with romantic relationships.


3: They value uniqueness.

Given the vast array of plant species in the world, gardeners recognize the value each has to offer. They know that every person, like every plant, has unique aspects that are highly appealing.


4: They know the importance of giving space.

Garden plants need plenty of room to set down roots—and so do new relationships.


5: They encourage the best in others.

Gardeners want to help each other succeed, offering helpful tips and lots of encouragement. That generous spirit will likely flow into your relationship as well.


6: They know that growth requires consistent nurturing.

Likewise, a budding romance needs to be steadily cultivated and cared for.


7: They are eager to learn and develop.

They know that gardening—like many aspects of life—is a process of trying to improve their craft. A romantic relationship also requires two people intent on improving as individuals and lovers.


8: They are adaptable and flexible.

When one approach to gardening isn’t working, they’re ready to try new approaches. That’s a good perspective for relationships as well.